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Some changes have been made to the vendor requirements. We now have a liability waiver to replace our insurance requirement and some new exciting programs such as the incubator booths. Please stay tuned this winter as we update the full vendor handbooks and info packets. Until that time please feel free to call Suzie at 412-568-3536 for more details on how you can join the market.

If you are looking for insurance coverage, we purchased our insurance from—producer-application

Vendor Selection Criteria

  1. Each vendor at the Kingman Farmers Market must be a primary or secondary producer.
  2. 100% of all products sold by non-food vendors (artisans, crafters, etc) must be hand crafted locally (within 150 miles of Kingman). Arts and crafts should be created from base materials and supplies with an element of design and construction involved.
  3. A minimum of seventy five percent (75%) of product sold by all vendors at the Market on market days must be of the Member’s own production and the remaining must also abide by product guidelines per market during the market season. (Noncompliance will be addressed by the Manager.)
  4. There must be an available spot in the appropriate producer category.
  5. Secondary producers that source at least 10% of their raw materials from Arizona primary producers get priority from the market manager when deciding which vendors can participate in the market. This is referred to as the 10% rule. In other words if at least 10% of the ingredients by weight or volume come from an Arizona primary producer, you will get a space before a vendor who does not source their raw ingredients form Arizona.


All vendors are required to meet any local or state regulations for their product type, including but not limited to the following. For questions please contact the Mohave County Health Department or Arizona Department of Agriculture. We are not experts in these types of requirements and can not guarantee that there are not fewer or additional requirements to what is listed.

  • All Baked, Cooked, Bottled , Canned or Prepared foods require a Mohave County Food Handlers Card for prep and packaging. Mohave County is currently accepting all ANSI accredited Arizona Food Handler’s cards including online cards. Please call Mohave County Environmental Health for more info 928-757-0901
  • All canned, bottled or prepared foods EXCEPT home baked and confectionery goods must be prepared in a licensed kitchen. For more information on what is considered Home Baked Goods please see the link in the following item.
  • Nest run eggs must be registered with the AZ Dept of Agriculture, may not be washed prior to selling, must be stored at an ambient temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, must not be labeled as “local” or “fresh”, and must NOT be in containers that show grading or branding from companies other than your own.  AZ Nest Run Egg Registration and info:
  • Alcohol vendors must have an Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control liquor license.  Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control:



For more information…

refer the the Vendor Manual, which you can find here:

Kingman Farmers Market Vendor Manual 2017.03.15



Market Membership

If you would like to get a discount on booth rental fees, have voting rights and the right to hold an officer position, you should become a member of the Kingman Farmers Market.  The membership fee is $25 which gives you $5 off your booth rental fee each week.  To become a member of the Farmers Market fill out the KFM-Membership-Application-20170408


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6 thoughts on “Vendor Requirements

  1. Pauline Covert

    I am a vendor for ItWorks Global and I am wondering if you have a representative for this company already?
    If not, I would like more information on becoming a vendor for this event.
    Thank you

    1. Kerry Glancy

      Hello Pauline. All vendors at the market must create, craft or otherwise design their products and the production has to be done with 150 miles of the market. At this time we do not have plans to expand the market to include mass manufactured or direct sale products but thank you for your interest.

  2. Sarah DeFer

    I am just outside of the 150mi range at 208mi. I live in Tempe and craft my own bathroom products (soaps, washes, shampoo, lotion etc). Do you have space for me? I would like to participate once a month. I live in Tempe.

    1. Kerry Glancy

      Hi Sarah I forwarded your contact info to our market manager and she will be reaching out to you soon with more info.

  3. Priscilla Roden

    Kerry, thank you for promoting the Farmer’s Market at the Elks Club today. I am excited to attend. Thanks, too, for the glass items I purchased for my garden totem.

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